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08.12.1999 13:00            CHECHNYA VIOLATES BASIC LEGAL NORMS

     RF Ministry of Justice information

Federal anti-terrorist action is underway in Chechnya, a North Caucasian republic within the Russian Federation.

A report of the federal Justice Ministry mentions spectacular instances of Chechnya's present leaders blatantly violating universally recognised principles and norms of the international law, the federal Constitution and the acting legislation.

Muslim superiority over other religions is openly propagated. Warlords and certain public officers appeal for holy war on infidels with terror acts against other Russian peoples, in which chemical and biological agents may be used.

Cruel punishments have become part of the republic's routine. Convicts are flogged or have limbs severed. Many are stoned to death. Slavery and slave traffic are rampant. Ethnic Russians and Russian speakers are victim to genocide alongside such Chechens as want to live in peace. Over 250,000 fled Chechnya over the last three years. Over 800,000 lost their jobs, social grants and pensions. The population cannot exercise their political rights and freedoms. Federal welfare allocations are pilfered or channelled to finance paramilitaries.

The banditry execute innocent civilians by the firing squad in public. Forty were shot for collaboration with federals within a day in the village Znamenskaya alone. Another 58 were killed in Mekenskoye.

Paramilitaries are appallingly cruel on villagers who refuse to shelter them. 32 civilians were shot, October 12, after they demanded that gangs leave their villages. The villages Ozernoye and Upper Naur were swept with mortar fire for the same reason.

Kidnappings for ransom have burgeoned into a prosperous business controlled by officials and terrorists. The ransom trade involves more than sixty paramilitary units, total strength 2,500. Chechnya presently has over 50 hostages, young children among them--Russians and expatriates alike. They are toiling as slaves, and are subjected to appalling torture when their captors fail to obtain ransoms. Four British nationals were beheaded.

Chechnya has become a centre of international terrorism. Its authorities know and tolerate the situation. Chechnya possesses a network of international terrorist training centres to send graduates all over the world. Terrorists shot at the neighbouring Daghestan and made sorties to attack police and Interior strongpoints and patrols on over 60 instances to kill 45, injure 70 and kidnap 300 between last January and August alone. Wahhabites and mercenaries are planning another advance on Lezghin-populated areas of Daghestan to proclaim an independent Lezghistan in the seized territory.

Drugs production is on an industrial footing in Chechnya. Four heroin factories are directly controlled by warlords Udugov, Basayev and Hattab. Drug transits from Turkmenistan, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan cross Chechnya to the Baltics, the U.K.--in particular, Northern Ireland, Spain and elsewhere in Europe. Poppy, cannabis and other narcotic plants are grown in Chechen plantations with numerous small processing factories.

US dollar counterfeiting is rampant to be smuggled to Russia. Counterfeit notes are ever more often slipped to banks and other financial offices. Over a million was recently confiscated in the Littoral Territory on the Russian Pacific coast. Another million was smuggled from Chechnya to the Magadan Region in East Siberia last year.

The Chechen top is actively recruiting overseas mercenaries to fight federal troops. International terrorist organisations and individual terrorists are financing and sponsoring them. Among others, an Arab Legion, several hundred strong, is active in the present warfare. There are also close on 70 Turkish nationals, and many Afghans, Pakistanis and others fighting on the paramilitary side.

Chechnya is blatantly violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which bans discrimination in whatever form; the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which bans torture and manhandling, and guarantees freedoms of thought, conscience and religion; the Geneva Convention on POWs; the Convention of Human Rights and Basic Freedoms, which bans slavery and enslavement; the Vienna declaration and Action Programme against terrorism; and, last but not least, the international convention against mercenary recruitment, employment, financing and training, to say nothing of other essential international instruments.

As present-day Chechen leaders' policies and conduct show, they fully ignore the norms and principles of the acting international law and are directly responsible for Chechnya's plight. Analyses of local ruling bodies' activities from the viewpoint of criminal law qualify the republican regime as criminal with sufficient grounds to call certain top officers to account on the acting federal and international legislation.

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