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Zweibrucken Air Base

Air Base On 01 September 1968 US Air Forces in Europe assumed control of Zweibrucken [Zweibrücken / Zweibruecken] Air Base, Germany, from the Royal Canadian Air Force. The 86th Fighter Interceptor Wing transferred to Zweibruecken Air Base, Germany, but returned to Ramstein in January 1973 as the 86th Tactical Fighter Wing. In 1971, the 81st Tactical Fighter Squadron was selected to be the U.S. Air Force's first "Wild Weasel" unit and on June 12th, it moved to a new neighborhood, relocating to Zweibrücken, Germany. The 81st was detached from the 50th TFW and attached to the 86th Tactical Fighter Wing. The Zweibruecken Air Base closed in, due to the troop withdrawal.

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