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New Orleans
2005 Hurricane Katrina

Satellite Imagery of the New Orleans Superdome
2005 Hurricane Katrina
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Hurricane Katrina
New Orleans Imagery
New Orleans Flooding Overview
New Orleans Levees Imagery
Superdome Imagery
New Orleans Maps
Avondale Shipyard, LA, Imagery
Michoud Air Products Imagery
Michoud Assembly Facility Imagery
Biloxi, MS, Imagery
Pascagoula, MS, Imagery
Ingalls Shipyard, MS, Imagery
Katrina Overview Imagery

New Orleans Flooding Images

Comparative imagery of the Superdome, pre- and post-Katrina
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Thousands of refugees from Hurricane Katrina sheltered in the Louisiana Superdome, fair weather home of the NFL's New Orleans Saints. The 77,000-seat stadium had restrooms and food donated by charities. Electrical grid power failed in the Superdome around 5 AM Monday 29 August 2005. Emergency generator backup only powers reduced lighting, but not air conditioning. The stadium is the most robust of the 10 shelters for the roughly 100,000 city residents who were unable to join the mandatory evacuation of the city. Roughly 8,000 to 9,000 residents made it to the Superdome by the time doors were sealed for the 11 PM Sunday 28 August 2005 curfew.

In September 2004 Hurricane Ivan roared toward the Gulf Coast with 135 mph wind, pounding beaches with 12-foot waves and starting to deliver what could be torrential rain. The city opened the Louisiana Superdome to people with medical problems that kept them from evacuating.

On September 27, 1998: Hurricane Georges forced large scale evacuation of the City of New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf coast as Georges approaches the mouth of the Mississippi River, ultimately making landfall at Biloxi, MS. That evacuation effort was the largest effort in US history at the time, overwhelming the infrastructure of the region for several hundred miles. The Louisiana Superdome was used as a last resort evacuation shelter for the first time.

Wide view of the Louisiana Superdome
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Close-up view of the Superdome
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Using data from different spacecraft and some powerful computer technology, visualizers at the Goddard Space Flight Center present you with a collection of American cities in a way you have never seen them before. Starting with our camera high above the Earth, we rush in towards the surface at what would be an impossible speed for any known vehicle. Passing though layers of atmosphere, the colors of our destinations shimmer with their own unique characteristics, and suddenly we find ourselves floating in virtual space just above the ground.

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