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Falcon-78 ASP [Ammunition Storage Point]
Al-Salnah, Qatar

Qatar has allowed the United States to store ammunition at a facility in the desert called Falcon-78. ARCENT-Qatar maintains a forward presence and exercises command, control and force protection over Army forces in Qatar. It provides installation support at Camp As-Sayliyah and Falcon-78 ASP and serves as a conduit for all transactions between the U.S. Embassy and DoD forces in Qatar. Other important part of the ARCENT-QA mission is to conduct Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration of forces deploying to Qatar using APS-5Q pre-positioned equipment. Pre-positioned equipment includes M1A1 Abrams tanks and M2 Bradley fighting vehicles as well as other armor, tank, artillery and engineer sets.

The RSOI process matches up pre-positioned Table of Organizational Equipment with units arriving in Qatar. Once in country, the RSOI process equips and arms battalion to brigade-sized Task Force elements or greater within a short period of time. Reception starts when soldiers or equipment land at one of Qatar's ports of debarkation. Equipment, bags and supplies are palletized and prepared for convoy to Camp As-Sayliyah's drawing lot. At the drawing lot, soldiers draw their equipment. This stage is not finished until all units have completed the draw and uploaded all combat equipment. All equipment receives preventive maintenance checks and services prior to departing. Onward movement begins with convoy operations to the marshaling area. Supplies and equipment are loaded onto trucks, and tracked vehicles are loaded onto heavy equipment transports. The convoys then move to their positions in the desert to begin training or contingency operations. The final phase, integration, is the tactical fusion of the arriving units into the Qatar defensive plan. Training - at the individual and unit level - takes place at the multi-service and multi-national level.


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