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Camp Rilea Armed Forces Training Facility
Warrenton, OR

The Camp Rilea Armed Forces Training Facility is located on Highway 101 between Astoria and Seaside, on the northern Oregon coast. Camp Rilea hosts one of only three TSIRT sites in the nation, and the only one west of Fort Benning, GA. Maintained by the Oregon National Guard, Camp Rilea is also a favorite training site for Washington Guard units.

The post is frequently used by civilian organizations as well, including the Boy Scouts. Its rifle and pistol ranges, barracks and mess hall facilities and mock "city" (called a MOUT site, for Military Operations in Urban Terrain) make it a favored training location for police Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams throughout the Pacific Northwest. The mock city, called Millersburg, is complete with a church and city hall.

The FAA establishes Class E airspace where necessary to contain aircraft transitioning between the terminal and en route environments. Class E airspace at Astoria, OR allows the ORANG to conduct air operations at Camp Rilea without impacting civil air traffic, and to provide a less restrictive environment for military air operations to and from Camp Rilea Heliport, Astoria, OR. This rule is designed to provide for the safe and efficient use of the navigable airspace and to promote safe flight operations under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) and Visual Flight Rules (VFR) at the Port of Astoria Airport and Camp Rilea Heliport, and between the terminal and en route transition stages.

The Oregon State Police Basic Officer Academy is divided up into two phases. The first phase is twelve (12) weeks long at Camp Rilea, Oregon. There is a small exchange annex on the post and a snack bar. the snack bar is run by a civilian concerns, and the prices reflect that. The exchange does have a fair selection of items, althought not as much as the CC exchange in Astoria.


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