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Camp Ashland

The 209th Regiment is home to 1st Battalion, 209th Noncommissioned Officers Academy and the 2nd Battalion, General Studies. The Regiment is located on Camp Ashland, approximately 30 miles west of Omaha Nebraska. The mission of RTI-NE includes developing officers and NCO's in the National Guard of the United States and the US Army Reserve. Camp Ashland is a modernized and revitalized National Guard facility located near Ashland, in Eastern Nebraska. Phase I annual training is conducted at Nickell Barracks, Salina, Kansas, in conjunction with eight other States in Total Army School System (TASS) Region F (Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico). Training includes classroom instruction in Training Management, Operations, Common Core Medical Tasks, Nuclear - Biological - Chemical (NBC), Weapons, Communications and a field training exercise to conduct Map Reading and Land Navigation. Phase II is conducted at Camp Ashland and consists of classroom instruction and practical field training exercises to include subjects such as Field Artillery, Engineering, Military Intelligence, Leadership and Tactics. Phase III annual training is conducted at Fort Benning, Georgia, in conjunction with the same region F states Listed above. This is the final test for candidates as they utilize acquired skills to function in leader and follower positions in squad and platoon size elements in a stressful and demanding field environment. The officer candidate's leadership assessment during this training period becomes the final recommendation for commissioning to a Second Lieutenant.


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