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Camp Airifjan, Kuwait
2854'N 4811E

DigitalGlobe imagery of Camp Arifjan

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Imagery of Camp Arifjan
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Overview of the Middle East with Kuwait in the center

Tactical Pilotage Chart of Kuwait showing the location of Camp Arifjan

DigitalGlobe imagery from March 30 2002, showing an overview of the Prepositioning Facility and the Ammunition Storage Area. The imagery confirms reports that the contract for infrastructure (roads and utilities) are awaiting award

Overview of Zone II which consists of an industrial area, warehousing, maintenance and storage facilities

Overview of 12 warehouses used to house military vehicles and supplies

Close-up of the warehouses, each measuring about 150 meters long

This area is probably Zone I consisting of adminstrative, quality of life facilities which was estimated to be complete as of the fall 2001

These large asphalt pads are probably motorpool areas

Additional unidentified warehouses

The facility is protected by a security perimeter and guard towers/observation posts. This signature confirms the facility as being of a military nature

Overview of the ammunition storage area

Zone III, the ammunition storage area consists of 20 above-ground buildings

The storage buildings do not appear to be hardened, but are probably light-clad, and appear to have earth berms surrounding each

Possible interim open-air ammunition storage area

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