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Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar
2506'57"N 5118'55"E

New imagery from Space Imaging's Ikonos and DigitalGlobe's Quick Bird reveal continued construction at Al Udeid Airbase.

Credit: Space Imaging Middle East. Copyright (c) Space Imaging. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Online and news media distribution or publishing requires permission from Space Imaging. Contact Mark Brender for media permission at (703)558-0309 or
Credit: DigitalGlobe. Copyright (c) DigitalGlobe. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Contact DigitalGlobe for media permission or purchase at 1-(800) 496-1225 or
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Imagery of Al Udeid Air Base
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Overview of the Middle East with Qatar in the center

The Persian Gulf with Qatar in the center

CIA Map Qatar 1995

NIMA 1:500,000 Tactical Pilotage Chart of with an Ikonos browse image of the Al Udeid air base overlayed

Ikonos imagery overview of Al Udeid as of January 13, 2002

New Digital Globe imagery of Al Udeid as of June 13, 2002

Ikonos imagery of a new 18 acre parking ramp under construction as of January 13, 2002

Digital Globe imagery of the completed parking ramp with 8 KC-135R Tankers and a C-17 visible as of June 13, 2002

The shadows cast by the sun reveal a faceted design that reduces the visual and radar signature of the aircraft shelter

Digital Globe imagery of the new generation aircraft shelter. The facility is constructed of hardened concrete and has four separate entrances. Interior dimensions are approximately 1.7 acres or 76,000 square feet. Depending on parking arangements and type of aircraft, the shelter can house between 20 and 40 aircraft

Ikonos imagery of a new generation of US aircraft shelter. There are two such shelters Al Udeid, one at the North end of the airbase, and this one at the South end

This Digital Globe image shows how effective the faceting can be in reducing the signature of the facility. Both shelters are identical in layout

Ikonos imagery from January of 2002, showing the beginings of a probable Air Operations Center or Army Command Post. Power generators are visible in the lower right of the image

By June 2002, this Digital Globe image shows a security barrier protecting the compound. Concertina wire provides an interior barrier for the command post area and a separate sub-divided area is a probable SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Intelligence Facility)

Ikonos imagery of the 1 million-gallon fuel farm facility. Each of the 20 fuel bladders has a capacity of 50,000 gallons

Digital Globe imagery from June 13, 2002, shows no change in capacity

Ikonos imagery from January 2002, reveals 3 KC-10 cargo/refueling aircraft, and two KC-135s

Digital Globe imagery from June 2002, shows little change in the Orbat, 5 KC-10 Extenders

In addition to the new hardened shelters at each end of the runway, there are 12 drive-thru shelters

Each shelter is capable of holding one or possibly two fighters

Al Udeid is served by a low-profile control tower and a hardened base ops/command post. A yellow fire truck is visible

There are 3 hardened shelter/underground facilties on the airbase, one located in the weapon storage area, one near the control tower and the third, west of the tent- city. Each shelter is identical in construction and measures 30 x 40 meters. Depending on whether they are more than one storey, the estimated usable space is between 12,000 and 24,000 square feet. Each shelter has a personal entrance and a larger vehicle entrance

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