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Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant

Located 12 miles east of Shreveport, Louisiana AAP includes 400 buildings on almost 15,000 acres.

The plant opened during World War II and produced 65 different ammunition items during the war. In 1945, the plant was placed on standby status but was reopened in 1951 during the Korean conflict. Remington Rand operated the plant from 1951 to 1958, when the plant was put on layaway status.

The plant was reactivated in September 1961 with Sperry Rand as the contractor. It produced mines, shaped charges, fuzes, boosters, bombs, demolition blocks, projectiles, etc. The peak employment of this period was 1969, also the year that marked the height of the Vietnam Era. Thiokol Corporation assumed operation of the plant in 1975 (now Morton Thiokol, Inc.).

Production assignments have varied in the last few years but included 155-mm metal parts and LAP operations on M692,4.2 inch mortar, Ml07 LAP Composition B, M73 Grenade Assembly, and some 2.75 inch warheads. It is on inactive status.

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