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392nd Training Squadron [392nd TRS]

The 392nd Training Squadron, a component of the 381st Training Group, is located at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, and has four sister squadrons. The 392nd Training Squadron is tasked with conducting Officer Space Prerequisite Training (OSPT), Enlisted Space Prerequisite Training (ESPT), and staff courses for space surveillance, space warning, satellite control, spacelift, and ICBM forces.

The squadron conducts initial qualification training, specialty code-awarding courses, for Minuteman and Peacekeeper ICBM crews as well as basic mission orientation and refresher training for AFSPC commanders and staff.

The squadron is divided into 4 flights: Administrative Flight (DOA), Missile Initial Qualification Training Flight (DOB), Space Operations Training Flight (DOC), and Resources Flight (CCT). The DOA flight consists of all students, as well as personnel and information specialists. These specialists handle all administrative and personnel needs for students and permanent party alike. DOB is responsible for instructing nine courses, dedicated to providing superior missile training to operators and Air Force Space Command staff personnel, in three weapon systems: AM REACT, B REACT, and Peacekeeper. DOC conducts Officer Space Prerequisite Training (OSPT), and Aerospace Staff Officer Training Orientation (ASTRO ). CCT is responsible for Resources, Training Management, and Computers.

In the 392d there are approximately 12 space instructors, 75 missile instructors, and 15 staff personnel of which 3 are civilians. These instructors have performed duty at a space or missile wing, giving them the experience to provide effective instruction to new students. In addition to their bachelor's degree, the majority of the 392nd's faculty officers have, or are working toward, a master's. Each enlisted instructor is either working toward or has completed a Community College of the Air Force associate's or bachelor's degree.

On 16 December 1958, Vandenberg Air Force Base's first launch, a Thor Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile, was conducted by the 392d Missile Training Squadron. The 392nd was activated, only a year before, to train Royal Air Force crews in the operation of Thors located in Great Britain. After training more than 1,154 British missileers, the 392nd was inactivated in 1963.

Air Education and Training Command reactivated the 392nd in July of 1993. The squadron took over the roles of missile training, previously performed at Vanderberg AFB by the 4315th Combat Crew Training Squadron, and space training, previously performed by the 319th Space Training Squadron at Lowry AFB, CO. More than 20,000 students have graduated from various incarnations of the 392d Training Squadron.

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