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112th Air Control Squadron

The Pennsylvania Air National Guard's 112th Air Control Squadron at State College is the only Pennsylvania based unit with an air control mission. Although the unit is not large, (132 people) its mission makes a huge impact on the effective and safe mission accomplishment of the flying units.

The 112th mission as a Control Reporting Element (CRE) is to control counter air and intercept missions, control or monitor interdiction and recon missions, vector close air support and refueling missions to rendezvous, disseminate tactical warning information, surveillance, and provide airspace management service.

The 112th ACS established in 1949 have had an extremely ambitious flying control schedule throughout its existence. In recent years the unit has controlled/monitored an average of 275 intercept and 300 refueling missions per year. The unit regularly works with flying units from PA, NY, NJ, MD, DC, OH and on occasion, refuelers from the New England states. Types of aircraft include F-16, F-15, A-10, KC-135 and Navy F-14 & F-18.

Annual training for the past ten years has seen the 112th ACS in locations such as Denmark (twice), Italy, Turkey, Portugal (twice), and several locations in the U.S.

Special deployments have sent elements of the unit to New England, Northern PA, and twice a year to the Bahamas. In addition, an element from the unit saw service in South America all in support of the "War on Drugs".

Our state mission is to provide emergency communications anywhere in the state. During the "Blizzard of 93" an element was activated to provide transportation for hospital personnel and rescue efforts of stranded motorists on Interstate 80.

The 112th recently received a completely new radar system. This system is a computerized radar, which makes us compatible with and able to interact with all the other radars such as AWACS, Navy Hawkeye, and even USMC radars. This new radar will keep the unit current well into the 21st century.

The unit since 1949 has occupied several locations. From very humble beginnings in a garage on McAlister Street in 1949 the unit moved to a new Air National Guard Facility on the northern edge of Penn State University campus on Bigler Road. The unit currently is located at 1776 Minuteman Lane at the University Park Airport in State College. This facility was also specially built for the unit and completed in August 1998.

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