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Force Structure Changes

Air Force Secretariat Headquarters Air Force Air Staff
Air Combat Command Air Mobility Command AF Reserve Command
Air Warfare Center Air Mobility Warfare Center Fourth Air Force
First Air Force (ANG) Eighteenth Air Force Tenth Air Force
Eighth Air Force ANG Units Twenty-Second Air Force
Ninth Air Force Fourth Air Force (AFRC)
Twelfth Air Force Twenty-Second Air Force (AFRC) Air National Guard
ANG Units
Tenth Air Force (AFRC)
United States Air Forces in Europe Pacific Air Forces US Air Forces Central Command
Air Forces Europe WF HQ Pacific 321st Air Expeditionary Wing
Third Air Force Fifth Air Force 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing
Sixteenth Air Force Seventh Air Force 376th Air Expeditionary Wing
Eleventh Air Force 379th Air Expeditionary Wing
Thirteenth Air Force 380th Air Expeditionary Wing
ANG Units 386th Air Expeditionary Wing
438th Air Expeditionary Wing
451st Air Expeditionary Wing
455th Air Expeditionary Wing
United States Air Forces Africa
Seventeenth Air Force
AF Special Operations Command Air Force Space Command Air Education and Training Command
ANG Units Space Warfare Center Second Air Force
Fourteenth Air Force Nineteenth Air Force
Twentieth Air Force ANG Units
Civil Air Patrol
Air Force Materiel Command Air Force Cyber Command
Direct Reporting Units Field Operating Agencies
Air Force District of Washington AFC2ISR C2ISR Center
Air Force Doctrine Center AFCEE Center for Environmental Excellence
Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center AFCESA Civil Engineer Support Agency
US Air Force Academy AFCA Communications Agency
AFFMA Frequency Management Agency
AFHRA Historical Research Agency
AFIA Inspection Agency
AFLMA Logistics Management Agency
AFNA News Agency
AFPC Personnel Center
AFRPA Real Property Agency
AFSC Safety Center
AFSA Services Agency
AFWA Weather Agency

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