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John C. Stennis Strike Group WESTPAC 98 Deployment
CVN-74 John C. Stennis
"Johnny Reb" / "Look Ahead"

Following an intense work up period John C. Stennis departed Norfolk on February 26, 1998 to its new homeport, San Diego, Calif. On March 11, the carrier arrived in the Arabian Gulf combat ready in support of Operation SOUTHERN WATCH having traveled 8020 NM in 274 hours with an average speed of 29.4 knots. Transitioning the Straits of Hormuz and entering the Indian Ocean on July 19, John C. Stennis began her transit home to the new homeport of Naval Air Station North Island.

The crew enjoyed port visits in Perth and Hobart, Australia and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Embarking it's 1,100 Tigers for the Maiden Tiger Cruise on 20 August and entering Naval Air Station North Island on 26 August after completing the Pacific transit of 2,293 NM in 136 hours with an average speed of 17 knots. The total Maiden Deployment and Around the World Cruise consisted of traveling 22,078 NM in 923 hours with an average speed of 24 knots.


    26 Aug 1998 - Entered San Diego
    26 Feb 1998 - Deployed

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