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Aviation Brigade - 28th Infantry Division (Mechanized)

The Mission of the Aviation Brigade in times of conflict is to destroy enemy forces using maneuver, combat support, and combat service support in concert with 28th Division (Mechanized ) forces. In peacetime the brigade trains for its wartime mission and conducts Operations Other than War when called upon by the Governor of Pennsylvania.

The Aviation Brigade traces its heritage to 1 June 1959 with the activation of the 28th Aviation Company at the Capitol City Airport, New Cumberland, Pa. The unit was reorganized as the 28th Aviation Battalion on 1 April 1963 and later relocated to 18th and Herr sts (1976) and 21st and Herr Sts (1980) in Harrisburg, PA.

On 1 October 1986, the Aviation Brigade was organized under the Army of Excellence (AOE) design. Station relocation to the World War II barracks in area 2, Fort Indiantown Gap, occurred on 1 May 1992 for HQ & HC Avn Bde, and Det 1 HHT, Troops C & D (Air) 1 Bn 104th Cavalry, ending 33 years of service in the Harrisburg area.

As of mid-1999, the brigade operated 86 UH-1 "Huey" and AH-1 "Cobra" helicopters, as well as a supporting element of 27 M-1 tanks and other ground combat equipment. Although training in the brigade is focused on possible employment in time of war, its soldiers are frequently called on to rescue endangered citizens and perform other emergency missions across the state.

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