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1st Battalion - 108th Field Artillery Regiment

The Lineage and Honors of the 108th Field Artillery begin on December 11, 1840, when the unit was first organized as the Pennsylvania Militia. The 108th Field Artillery Battalion was erportedly the first unit to use the name "National Guard," an adaptation of Napoleon's Garde Nationale.

Through the following 77 years of its history, it served as an infantry unit, designated at various times as the 19th, the 90th and finally the 2nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. It was on October 11, 1917 that the unit was reorganized and redesignated as the 108th Field Artillery and assigned to the 28th Division.

The 108th Field Artillery carries honors and participated in campaigns from the Civil War, the War with Spain and both World Wars. The battalion is organized under the 3x6 platoon concept and is equipped with M109A5 self propelled 155mm howitzers. It is a fully digital IFSAS operational battalion.

The 108th provides community support throughout the year and has participated in several state mobilizations to include winter storms, flood duty and Thee Mile Island exercises. It has also participated in WARFIGHTER command post exercises in Germany, and several soldiers from the battalion were mobilized and deployed to Bosnia in 1996 with Detachment 1, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 28th Division Artillery.

During 1999, the 1-108th FA completed an AT at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA. The AT focused on the execution of the Field Artillery Tables through Battery qualification and then continuing on to Battalion missions. The entire Battalion conducted training on movement, occupations, and refuel, rearm, and resupply points (R3P) at night using Night Vision Goggles. The Fire Support Elements conducted joint operations with the Air Force (A-10's and F-16's) using the M981 FIST-V and GVLLD to execute CAS missions.

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