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Haiat amn al Jamahiriya
Jamahiriya Security Organization (JSO)
[aka External Security Organization (ESO)]
[aka Libyan Intelligence Service (LIS)]

The Libyan External Security Organization, a/k/a Jamahiriya Security Organization (hereinafter "JSO") is an intelligence and operational entity which operates separately from, but is an agency, instrumentality and/or organ of the Libyan government.

This service is divided into two branches: Internal Security, and Foreign Security. This organization has several branches, amongst which: Foreign Liaison Office, which has overall responsibility for most overseas intelligence operations and a sub-directorate provides direct contact with international terrorist groups.

  • Foreign Security Special Operations,
  • External Security (including External Operations and Fundamentalist Movements)

The Libyan External Security Organization (ESO) is the principal intelligence institution in Libya which has been responsible for supporting terrorist organizations and for perpetrating state sponsored acts of terrorism.

As of 1993 the Jamahiriya's Security Organization (Haiat amn al Jamahiriya) was led by Lieutenant Colonel Abdallah Senussi, brother in law of Colonel Kadhafi. Although he is director of the most important intelligence service, Senussi was the only senior intelligence official who is not a member of the Kaddadifa clan. His loyalty to his brother in law made him a Migariha dissident.

This service is divided into two branches: Internal Security, directed in 1993 by Omar Gueider (of the Orphelis clan) and Foreign Security, whose boss in 1993 was the publicity-seeking Colonel Yussef Dibri, who is also director the Libyan radio. A native of the Kufra oasis on the Egypt- Sudan border, married to a Lebanese and resident of Suite 501 at Hotel El Kebir in Tripoli, Dibri had only limited power and was especially active when contacts with foreigners are involved.

Other high officials of Foreign Security nonetheless played important roles. For example, in 1993 the operations bureau of Foreign Security was under Captain Abdusalam Mohamed Zadma of the Ouled Souleymane clan, traditional allies of the Kaddadifa. Formerly responsible for opposition members abroad, he was in charge of the fundamentalist file. Foreign Security special operations were under Nasser Ali Achur who had been given the IRA file. In this capacity he is participated in the negotiations between Tripoli and MI5 concerning Irish revolutionaries.

As of late 1995 Musa Kusa was the head of the Libyan External Security Organization (ESO), and was also the head of Al Mathaba. In October 2001 the chairman of the Libyan intelligence, Mousa Kousa, met in London high ranking British and American intelligence and discussed during his meetings with them his country's cooperation with the west concerning the file of terrorism.

In November 2001 Abdallah Senussi, the deputy head of Libyan intelligence who was implicated in the bombing of a French airliner in 1989, was put under house arrest. Abdallah Senussi, who is Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's brother-in-law, was put under house arrest along with several other Libyan intelligence officials. Senussi had been a Kadhafi confidant for 20 years. Senussi, along with five Libyan agents and diplomats, was condemned in absentia to life in prison by a Paris court in March 1999 for his involvement in the bombing of a French UTA airliner over Nigeria in 1989, killing 170 people.

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