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Revealing information on Mossad terrorist acts worries Europeans

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Feb 25, IRNA -- French daily Le Figaro wrote in its Wednesday edition revealing certain information regarding Mossad activities has worried Europeans.

According to this report, diplomatic tensions among European countries with the Zionist regime over the terrorist assassination of a Hamas official in Dubai by that regime’s Mossad officers have heightened.

Such tensions further aggravated after the arrest of the terrorist ringleader Abdul-Malek Rigi in the east of Iran in the course of a thunder operation led from Tehran, followed by the Iranian intelligence minister’s announcement that Mossad had planned and prepared the ground for the assassination of a Hamas member in Dubai.

The illegitimate Zionist regime’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman who had traveled to Brussels strongly denied any kind of involvement in the matter, but meanwhile quite insultingly addressed the Europeans arguing, “I believe you have watched too many James Bond movies!”

Figaro says the presence of Lieberman in Europe became essential only because there was serious need to some explanation about the assassination of a Hamas member and the revealed shocking secret information about it.

On Sunday Dubai Police announced that members of the commando group that assassinated the Hamas member were arrested and they all had European passports. The said passports were British, French and German.

The UAE foreign minister summoned the EU ambassadors and expressed serious worries about the ill advantage taken of diplomatic rights their diplomatic missions enjoyed.

Some analysts believe the summoning of the European diplomats by the UAE top diplomat is merely a show meant to divert the world public opinion of the role Dubai has played in provision of the appropriate ground for implementation of the terrorist move.

Those analysts believe the European countries, too, in a bid to play innocent in this terrorist act, have resorted to broad scale propagation, including the summoning of the Zionist regime envoys in London, Paris and Berlin.

The Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, whose country holds the rotating leadership of the EU, too, in line with such efforts, has condemned the usage of European passports by the Zionist regime spies in the course of their terrorist missions.

The analysts believe the EU foreign ministers in order to escape the condemnation of the Zionist officials’ terrorist moves have resorted to condemnation of the usage of the European passports as the main issue of their serious concern.

The Zionist regime’s Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, too, has said that there is no chance for the emergence of a political row between the European countries and Tel Aviv.

Quoting a Zionist official, Figaro writes, “Our European friends might have some criticism regarding the usage of European passports, but everything would turn back to normal very soon.”

According to the report, one of the top Israeli intelligence officials, the former ambassador of the Zionist regime in London, Tezyovi Stober, says, “Life goes on at any case and it was the British themselves that invented the job of espionage!”

The French journalist meanwhile reiterates that the strong denial of Israel of their involvement in the assassination of a Hamas member increased the probability of the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in the crime!

The British daily Sunday Times, too, quotes a Mossad internal source as saying, “Benjamin Netanyahu had met the members of the commando team before their departure to Dubai.”

The Zionist daily Yediot Aharonet wrote Wednesday one of the members of the commando team participating at the operation, Michael Bedenheimer, has suspiciously disappeared in Israel.

The said man’s name that had been inscribed on the door of an office building in Tel Aviv, too, was removed on Sunday and the company in which he had rented a room was apparently a fake one.

The former Israeli ambassador to Geramny and the EU, Evi Primor, too, has said in Brussels that the matter would defame Israel in the world, and that is under such conditions that the Israelis had already been considered as lawless and anarchic individuals across the Middle East countries.


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