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Soviet Phantom Fighters
Western views of Red Aviation in the early Cold War were rather imaginative. Food for thought when looking at North Korean missile programs today, which have a lot of noise guarding the signal.

Black History Month

African American History Month is a time for recognizing the central role African Americans have played in the nation's history.

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  • Bloody Nose for The Don by John Pike, 23 Feb -- "The Don has a handful of kinetic options to address the Little Rocket Man, but surely the Supreme Leader has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. These options would be evaluated within the context of escalation control [don't want things to get out of hand] and escalation dominance [finding the option that would be the last move, and a winning move]. ..."
  • Bloody Nose for Little Rocket Man by John Pike, 23 Feb -- "There has been a lot of talk about Trump giving the Little Rocket Man a "bloody nose" in a limited military strike that would somehow put a stop to North Korea's emerging ability to incinerate American cities - and actually there are several attack options that might give the North pause, without provoking a massive response that would lead to general war and the regime's downfall. Trump threatened to unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea and has called negotiation a waste of time. ..."

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