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2002 Taiwan Special Weapons News

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  • Taiwan's position on WMD made clear December 11, 2002 -- The Republic of China on Taiwan has solemnly declared time and again that it does not produce, develop, seek to acquire, store, or use nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons. My government has pledged to adhere to the Biological Weapons Convention and has taken this pledge seriously.
  • TAIWAN INDONESIA VOA 16 Dec 2002-- The Taiwan government says President Chen Shui-bian has canceled a secret trip to Indonesia after officials in Jakarta said the leader was not welcome.
  • TAIWAN ELECTIONS VOA 07 Dec 2002 -- Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian's Democratic Progressive Party held off a bid to unseat its former chairman as mayor of Taiwan's second largest city, giving the president a political boost at a time when his personal popularity ratings are at all time lows




  • TAIWAN / SPY INDICTMENT VOA 26 Sept 2002-- Prosecutors in Taiwan have indicted a retired military officer and his wife on charges of spying for China. Their son is facing espionage charges in a military court and could get the death penalty
  • PENTAGON / TAIWAN VOA 16 Sept 2002-- The Pentagon is describing as overly optimistic a Taiwanese news report indicating a German shipyard will build diesel-electric submarines for Taiwan


  • Armitage Says U.S. Does Not Support Taiwan Independence Washington File 26 Aug 2002-- The United States does not support independence for Taiwan, says Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.
  • AIR FORCE CLARIFIES REPORT ON AIM-120 MISSILE PROCUREMENT CNA in Taipei Aug 09, 2002 -- The Air Force General Headquarters (AFGH) denied Friday a newspaper report that the United States is to speed up delivery to Taiwan of 200 advanced AIM-120 air-to-air missiles amid heightened tension across the Taiwan Strait.
  • MAC affirms status quo policy to US Taiwan News August 9, 2002 -- Mainland Affairs Council Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen said after her arrival in New York that her visit to Washington is mainly aimed at helping U.S. authorities understand Taiwan's current status.
  • Government outlines spending for weapons Taipei Times August 9, 2002 -- According to Iap, the government has mapped out a NT$700 billion, 11-item arms-procurement plan that spans from this year to 2012. "For next year, we plan to earmark NT$5.2 billion to purchase some submarines and tanks, among other things," he said.
  • MOFA OUTPOSTS ASKED TO EXPLAIN `ONE SIDE, ONE COUNTRY' STATEMENT CNA in Taipei Aug 08, 2002 -- The Republic of China is a sovereign and independent state and outposts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must stress this fact to their host countries when explaining President Chen Shui-bian's "one side, one country" remarks, ministry spokeswoman said Thursday.
  • VP RALLIES BEHIND PRESIDENT'S STATEMENT ON CROSS STRAIT TIES CNA in Taipei Aug 08, 2002 -- Vice President Annette Lu said Thursday that she supports President Chen Shui-bian's latest statement about the country's status in relation to mainland China "up to the hilt," describing it as "a stroke of genius."
  • CHEN'S OFFICE ISSUES ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF HIS CONTROVERSIAL SPEECH CNA in Taipei Aug 07, 2002 -- The Presidential office posted on its Web site Wednesday an English-translation of President Chen Shui-bian's Aug. 3 speech in which he characterized Taiwan and mainland China as two separate countries, raising eyebrows in both Taipei and Beijing.
  • KMT CHAIRMAN CRITICAL OF PRESIDENT'S CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENT CNA in Taipei Aug 07, 2002 -- Opposition Kuomintang (KMT) Chairman Lien Chan said Wednesday that President Chen Shui-bian's recent controversial statement regarding Taiwan's status provided Beijing with a good opportunity to propagate its claim of sovereignty over Taiwan.
  • MAC ISSUES POSITION PAPER ON `ONE SIDE, ONE COUNTRY' (II) CNA in Taipei Aug 07, 2002 -- The MAC said that when Chen assumed office in 2000, he promised "five noes" with regard to mainland China -- no declaration of Taiwan independence as long as mainland China does not use force against Taiwan, no change of the official name of the nation, no introduction of "state-to-state relations" to the Constitution, no referendum on the future of the nation and no abrogation of National Unification Guidelines.
  • MAC ISSUES POSITION PAPER ON `ONE SIDE, ONE COUNTRY' (I) CNA in Taipei Aug 07, 2002 -- The nation's formulator of mainland China policy issued a position paper Wednesday on President Chen Shui-bian's controversial "one side, one country" statement made last Saturday.
  • PRESIDENT'S RECENT REMARKS HIGHLIGHT TAIWAN'S SOVEREIGNTY: SCHOLAR CNA in Taipei Aug 06, 2002 -- President Chen Shui-bian's recent remarks on cross-Taiwan Strait relations were designed to highlight Taiwan's sovereignty, a scholar commented Tuesday.
  • TAIWAN HAS RIGHT TO SAY `NO' TO BEIJING: MAC OFFICIAL CNA in Taipei Aug 06, 2002 -- Mainland Affairs Council Vice Chairman Chen Ming-tong said Tuesday that President Chen Shui-bian, as the leader of the country, has to tell Beijing that Taiwan has right to say "no" when necessary.
  • CHEN OFFERS FIVE-POINT STATEMENT ON DPP STANCE CNA in Taipei Aug 06, 2002 -- President Chen Shui-bian, in his capacity as chairman of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, reiterated Tuesday that Taiwan and mainland China are two political entities of "equal sovereignty."
  • KMT, PFP REITERATE OPPOSITION TO REFERENDUM ON TAIWAN'S FUTURE CNA in Taipei Aug 06, 2002 -- Officials of the main opposition Kuomintang said Tuesday that the party stands firm to protect the status of the Republic of China and will oppose a plebiscite on Taiwan's future.
  • ROC'S SECOND-GENERATION WARPLANE FLEET IN PLACE: OFFICIAL CNA in Taipei Aug 06, 2002 -- The backbone of the Republic of China's second generation jetfighter fleet has already been put in place, greatly enhancing the nation's combat readiness, an ROC Air Force General Headquarters official said Tuesday.
  • TAIWAN PRESIDENT VOA 06 Aug 2002-- Taiwan's president has cautioned against reading too much into his characterization Saturday of Taiwan and China as separate countries
  • CHINA / TAIWAN VOA 06 Aug 2002-- The government in Taiwan has backed away from statements made by President Chen Shui-bian, who provoked mainland China to unleash a fury of verbal attacks on the island's leader. Some analysts say Mr. Chen did not mean to ratchet up tensions with Beijing, but others say regardless of his motives, that's what is happening
  • CHEN'S REMARKS DASH HOPES FOR THAW IN CROSS-STRAIT RELATIONS: DAILY CNA in Taipei Aug 05, 2002 -- The Asian Wall Street reported Monday that President Chen Shui-bian's sharp shift in tone toward Beijing, punctuated by his most forceful assertion yet of Taiwan's separateness from China, has effectively dashed hopes for a thaw in relations between the two sides.
  • CHEN'S REMARKS A PAGE OUT OF LEE TENG-HUI'S PLAYBOOK CNA in Taipei Aug 05, 2002 -- It is unlikely that Beijing will actually resort to force this time, the Asian Wall Street Journal pointed out, adding however that Chen suddenly looks a lot less like the responsible partner he appeared to be after his inauguration address.
  • KMT HEAD SLAMS CHEN'S REMARKS ON REFERENDUM FOR TAIWAN FUTURE CNA in Taipei Aug 03, 2002 -- Opposition Kuomintang (KMT) Chairman Lien Chan criticized President Chen Shui-bian Saturday for his speech to the opening of the 29th annual meeting of the World Federation of Taiwanese Associations, saying it contradicted the "five noes" statement Chen made in his inauguration speech.
  • TSU WELCOMES PRESIDENT'S `ONE SIDE, ONE COUNTRY' STATEMENT CNA in Taipei Aug 03, 2002 -- The opposition Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) Saturday hailed President Chen Shui-bian for his "one side, one country" comment regarding cross-Taiwan Strait relations made the same day.
  • CHEN'S REMARKS TANTAMOUNT TO `BANKRUPTCY OF COMMITMENTS': SOONG CNA in Taipei Aug 03, 2002 -- Ridiculing President Chen's remarks made Saturday that Taiwan and mainland China are "one country on either side of the strait," opposition People First Party (PFP) Chairman James Soong said Chen's statement is tantamount to a bankruptcy of his commitments to the people.
  • TAIWAN/CHINA VOA 03 Aug 2002-- Taiwan's president says China and Taiwan are two countries, and calls for a referendum to decide the island's relationship with the mainland
  • DPP SECRETARY-GENERAL REAFFIRMS TAIWAN'S SOVEREIGNTY CNA in Taipei Aug 03, 2002 -- Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary-General Chang Chun-hsiung reaffirmed on Saturday that Taiwan is an independent sovereign country and is not part of the People's Republic of China.
  • GUIDELINES FOR NATIONAL UNIFICATION WILL NOT BE ABROGATED: MAC HEAD CNA in Taipei Aug 02, 2002 -- The Executive Yuan has no intention of nullifying the Guidelines for National Unification, Chairwoman of the Mainland Affairs Council Tsai Ing-wen said Friday in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan.
  • MILITARY POLICY DEFENSIVE IN NATURE: MND OFFICIAL CNA in Taipei Aug 01, 2002 -- The Republic of China's national military policy is defensive in nature and all efforts in this field are aimed at building a sufficient defensive force to safeguard national security, Ministry of National Defense Spokesman Huang Suey-sheng said Thursday.
  • An End to Ambiguity? BY RICHARD HALLORAN 08/01/2002 -- In both word and deed, the Bush administration has adopted a more supportive stance toward Taiwan than the US government has shown in decades. But Taipei is well aware that the backing has its limits, as Washington also places a high degree of importance on improving its relations with Beijing.



  • CHINA'S ARMS PURCHASES SAID AIMED AT UPPING ABILITY TO TAKE TAIWAN CNA in Taipei Jun 28, 2002 -- Mainland China's interest in the purchase of new weapons systems and their quick delivery speaks to the strategy at the heart of its weapons purchases, namely to rapidly build a credible threat for retaking rival Taiwan, the Asian Wall Street Journal reported Friday.
  • U.S. DEFENDS ARMS SALES TO TAIWAN AFTER RENEWED PROTEST CNA in Taipei Jun 28, 2002 -- The United States on Thursday defended its practice of selling defensive weapons to Taiwan, saying the sales have been conducted according to Washington's established policy for the purpose of maintaining cross-strait military balance.
  • NAVY SHIPS WATER TO KINMEN CNA in Taipei Jun 27, 2002 -- A naval vessel carrying nearly 600 tons of water arrived at Kinmen Thursday to ease the water shortage on the frontline island. Kinmen, like the rest of the country, has been suffering from a drought because of scant rainfall since the start of the year and the water level of its reservoir has continued to drop.
  • U.S. DELEGATION TO VISIT TAIWAN IN JULY TO DISCUSS SUBMARINE DEAL CNA in Taipei Jun 27, 2002 -- A U.S. delegation is scheduled to visit Taiwan in July to discuss a planned submarine deal between the two countries, a Pentagon official said Wednesday.
  • CHINA-TAIWAN VOA 25 Jun 2002-- For the first time, China has outlined specific steps to negotiate direct links with Taiwan
  • MND TO FORM SPECIAL PANEL TO EVALUATE SUBMARINE PROCUREMENT PLAN CNA in Taipei Jun 25, 2002 -- The Ministry of National Defense (MND) will join forces with relevant government agencies as well as industrial and academic communities in forming a special panel to assess the military's submarine procurement plan, a spokesman said Tuesday.
  • NATIONAL SECURITY MECHANISM TO BE OVERHAULED BY YEAR-END: DPP LEGISLATOR CNA in Taipei Jun 18, 2002 -- The national security mechanism will undergo a major overhaul by the end of the year, a legislator of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party said Tuesday.
  • LAWMAKERS WARN AGAINST ARMS BROKER INVOLVEMENT IN SUBMARINE DEAL CNA in Taipei Jun 08, 2002 -- A group of lawmakers of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party urged the military Saturday to prevent arms brokers allegedly involved in the murder of a navy officer from getting involved in its submarine procurement plan.
  • NAVY UNVEILS NEWEST SPEEDBOAT PROTOTYPE CNA in Taipei Jun 07, 2002 -- Navy General Headquarters unveiled Friday the prototype of the newest generation of its missile-carrying speedboats, which has been designed and constructed totally by the navy.
  • CHINA SHIPBUILDING CORP. CAPABLE OF BUILDING SUBS: SPOKESMAN CNA in Taipei Jun 06, 2002 -- China Shipbuilding Corp. (CSBC) is capable of building conventional submarines if the United States is willing to provide the technological assistance and design blueprints, a spokesman for the state-owned firm said Thursday.
  • U.S. PLANS TO SELL MILITARY RADARS TO TAIWAN CNA in Taipei Jun 05, 2002 -- The U.S. Defense Department notified Congress Tuesday that it plans to sell three military air traffic control radars to Taiwan. The radars, made by ITT Industries of Van Nuys, California, would offer better aircraft approach radar control around Taiwan's military airfields, the Pentagon's Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in its notice to Congress.






  • TAIWAN - US VOA 14 Jan 2002-- As President Bush prepares to visit Beijing next month, Taiwan says he is not likely to repeat the so-called "three no's" policy regarding U-S support for Taiwan's international status

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