Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2001.4.2-2001.4.8)


The 10th Supreme peoples assembly 4th session was held at Mansudae conference hall on April 5 with party, government and the military high-ranking officials including Kim Jong-il attending. The session adopted 2001 business policy and tasks, settlement of implemented 2000 state budget, 2001 state budget, processing trade act, floodgate act, copy right act, reviewing organizational issues.
Ground braking ceremony for Pyongyang city 30,000-household construction was held at Nampo city Ganseo district on April 6 with Hong Sung-nam and Han Sung-ryong attending. Visit to Mankyungdae home event was held on April 8, prior to the April 15 festival of the Sun, the Kim Il-sungs birthday with 4,000-odd nationwide youth students mobilized.
Rodong Shinmun commentary criticized on April 4 that U.S. pacific region general commander Blair uttered we are the Americas first core enemy, which means they are determined to have a showdown with us and dare to wage a war. We will cope with it blowing hundreds of thousand fold revenge on them.


North Korea established diplomatic relations with Kuwait on April 4. North Korean foreign ministry spokesman announced on April 7 a statement censuring Japanese authorities approval of the middle school history textbook inspection.
North Korean central TV, on the other hand, criticized, in connection with U.S.-ROK emergency management team maneuver(March 27-29), that this is for the imperialist America to prepare for war against North Korea. The fact that South Korean authorities mobilized South Korean units in collusion with the imperialist America is a breach of faith to the joint declaration and the spirit of North-South military authorities agreement.

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