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DPRK Space Launch Vehicles

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Senior Technical Analyst,

10-21-09/11-5-12, 4-2-2013

North Korea has developed two basic satellite launch vehicles. They are the Taep’o-dong-1/“Paektusan-1” no longer in production pathfinder launch vehicle design and the Taep’o-dong-2/“Paektusan-2”/ Unha-2 (Galaxy) ballistic missile space booster presently in prototype production and flight testing. None have successfully orbit satellites as of October 2009.

Unha-1, Taep'o-dong-1

The North KoreanTaep-o-dong-2B/Unha-3 revised booster that sports a new liquid propellant third stage apparently derived from Unha-1 booster design.

Comparisons North Korean (DPRK) and Iranian ballistic missiles & Space boosters through 2013

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