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December 2007 News

  1. Richfield soldier honored in Iraq By Allison Batdorff Stars and Stripes December 28, 2007 -- Hiring out tugboat labor is nothing new for the Navy; privatizing port operations started in the 1980s to cut costs and free up military personnel for other duties, according to the Web site.
  2. Richfield soldier honored in Iraq By David Anderson Richfield Reaper December 24, 2007 -- According to the Web site, Camp Bucca is the coalition's primary facility for enemy prisoners of war.
  3. Belgium Arrests 14 in Terrorist Plot By Raf Casert Associated Press December 21, 2007 -- The Kleine Brogel base is home to Belgian F-16 warplanes equipped with nuclear weapons that are under U.S. control, according, a U.S.-based military affairs think tank.
  4. One last landing By Tonya Fennell Clovis News Journal December 21, 2007 -- According to, the 522nd’s primary mission was to maintain the continuous ability to rapidly deploy and support unified commanders worldwide with day or night F-16 combat operations.
  5. Arizona's Guard is finished firing shells By Aaron Mackey Arizona Daily Star December 19, 2007 -- The Alpha battery's battalion, the 1-180th, traced its roots in Arizona to 1919, when the unit's precursor was organized, according to, an online research firm dedicated to military affairs.
  6. US accelerates nuclear stockpile cuts: White House Agence France Presse December 18, 2007 -- "It's a very sensible thing to do," added John Pike, an analyst who directs the security monitoring group "Any nuclear weapon is ... subject to accidental detonation or theft by terrorists."
  7. Naval chief's remarks stir global curiosity By Shiv Kumar The Tribune, Chandigarh, India December 18, 2007 --, a website dedicated to international security issues says India has been trying to obtain the expertise to build a nuclear submarine since 1985 though the project was first mooted ten years earlier.
  8. Iran gets nuclear fuel from Russia By Alex Rodriguez The Chicago Tribune December 18, 2007 -- According to, Iranian officials announced in December 2005 that they had begun construction on the plant using domestic-made fuel.
  9. Sullivan County jailer says he stole money to buy college books By Rain Smith Kingsport Times-News December 14, 2007 -- quotes a Bryan Ruffo, of the Army's 1-509th Infantry, in an October 2004 story from Camp Liberty Iraq.
  10. Boeing Testing Another Powerful Airborne Laser December 14, 2007 -- "The Advanced Tactical Laser can produce a four-inch-diameter beam of energy that can slice through metal from a distance of 9 miles," states a report on
  11. Lawmakers Lobby Pentagon to Continue Buying Georgia-Made Jets By Ben Evans The Associated Press December 12, 2007 -- They're getting down to fish or cut bait time," said John Pike, director of, a defense research group. "They'll have to find the money from somewhere ... but I think they have a pretty good chance."
  12. Human skull found on bombing range By David L. Teibel Army Times December 11 2007 -- The range, which is operated by Luke Air Force Base’s 56th Fighter Wing Range Management Office, runs along the Mexican border, according to It is used by both Air Force and Marine pilots.
  13. U.S. to press ahead with missile defence despite Iran report? Russia Today December 07, 2007 -- “As long as Iran is continuing with its uranium and plutonium programmes, and as long as it doesn't come clean with the IAEA, I think the Bush administration is going to press ahead with its missile defence plans in Europe,” said John Pike, director.
  14. A Little Less of a Menace U.S. News & World Report December 07, 2007 -- "If the Americans don't deal with it," asserts John Pike, director of the think tank, "the Israelis will.
  15. INTERVIEW-Iraq to have some air strike capability, US says By Paul Tait Reuters December 05, 2007 -- Iraq's air force once boasted as many as 750 mainly Soviet- and French-built fighters, bombers and armed trainer aircraft, according to security information Web site, reputedly making it the sixth biggest in the world.
  16. Venezuela's president and public enemy No. 1 By Sergio Munoz Los Angeles Times December 02, 2007 -- Venezuela's 2006 defense budget amounted to less than $2 billion, about 1.3% of its gross domestic product. His combined armed services -- army, navy and air force -- number about 82,000, according to