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The Canadian Press (CP) March 23, 2003

With IRAQ-Internet

By the Canadian Press

Aside from the traditional sources of news like TV and newspaper Web sites, there are tons of unconventional sites that can offer a different perspective of the war in Iraq.

_ _ Headlines from the Middle East although many of the reports are from unknown sources.

_ _ Allows visitors to listen to radio broadcasts from dissident-run Iraqi radio stations, intelligence agencies and official government propaganda teams from over 40 countries.

_ _ Compiles articles and links on the movement of troops and weaponry loads.

_ _ This site scans the Web and provides new headlines every few minutes.

_ _ Although obviously biased, there's a wealth of information from numerous sources. Volunteers from around the world cull their local papers and submit the best links.

_ _ The dependable humour site offers some relief from the doom-and-gloom news reports. Where else can you find mock headlines like Military Promised Huge Numbers for Gulf War II: The Vengeance?

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