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BM-13 Katysha Multiple Rocket Launcher

During WWII the BM-13 Katysha multiple launch rocket system gained immortal glory as a symbol of Soviet artillery power. During WWII the most suitable BM-13 platform was Lend-Lease Studebaker truck. The placement of the launcher on ZIL-151 platform was one of the first attempts to improve the Katysha after the end of WWII. The ZIL-151 platform had high cross-country capabilities and was domesticafly produced. The BM-13 was subsequently deployed on the on ZIL-157 platform. BM-13 was equipped with M-8 82mm rockets or M-13UK 132mm rockets launched from a joist type system. The spiral type lifting mechanism was hand-driven and permitted firing 16 rockets from 8 guiding tubes. Two jacks, located at the vehicle rear, were set against the soil before firing to discharge the back axles springs and to stabilize the platform.

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