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Priboy ["Surf"] Large Landing Ship

The Russian Defense Ministry revealed the layout of a new amphibious assault ship during the "Army-2015" military show at a shooting range in Alabino near Moscow in June 2015. With its new amphibious warship, known as Priboy ("Surf"), the Defense Ministry plans to replace the Mistral-class helicopter carriers that France failed to deliver to Russia.

For now, the ship is available in the layout form on the stand. Priboy will be a relatively smaller-size (a 14,000-ton, 165 meters in length and 25 meters in width) helicopter carrier capable of transporting 8 helicopters, up to 600 marines and between 40-60 armored vehicles.

The Neva Design Bureau developed a draft landing craft Priboi ["Surf"] with a displacement of 14,000 tons, which can be an alternative to the French "Mistral". The ship carries eight helicopters on board and can carry up to 500 marines or 40-60 units of armored vehicles.

Amphibious assault ship design "Surf", developed by Nevsky PKB, will have a displacement of about 14,000 tons and can carry up to eight helicopters Ka-27 and Ka-52K. Construction was scheduled to begin in 2016, said the agency. According to him, armed with anti-aircraft ship will be rocket-artillery complex "Carapace-M." "Surf" will be able to carry up to 500 marines and up to 40-60 units. The length of the ship will be 165 meters, width - 25 meters.

The Russian Navy will receive by 2020 the first new-generation landing ship that will be many times heavier than the Ivan Gren class vessels and will be able to carry several helicopters, head of Navys shipbuilding department Vladimir Tryapichnikov told reporters on 11 June 2015.

"The construction of new-generation large landing ships will be launched within the next five years, and these ships will many times surpass in displacement the Ivan Gren and Pyotr Morgunov large landing ships, have higher landing force compatibility and will be able to carry not one, but several helicopters," Tryapichnikov said. According to him, the first ship of this class is to be built by 2020. "It will be a new project for the large landing ship class," he said.

Director General of the Nevsky Design Bureau Sergei Vlasov told TASS in an interview that the bureau was working on the project of a next-generation landing ship worth 20 million roubles ($365,240). In addition, a high-ranking defence industry source told TASS previously that the designing and building of national amphibious assault helicopter ships was included in the countrys long-term naval construction program for the period until 2050.

Tryapichnikov explained that it is about designing and building a completely new project. "While the project is not specified by name, but his appearance has now been formed. The displacement will be about 16 thousand tonnes. The ship will be able to carry a reinforced battalion of marines, and possibly more, roughly about 6 helicopters of various modifications. The composition of the weapons - the most modern and more menacing, cruising range and autonomy - will increase significantly."

The 16,000 ton displacement would be rather less than the 21,500 tons full load Mistral, but slightly greater that the 14,080 tons full load Project 1174 Ivan Rogov class, and three times that of the 5,000 ton Project 11711 Ivan Gren. This suggests the new design would be a stretched Project 1174 Ivan Rogov.

Nevskoe design Bureau developed the project amphibious assault ship, which will become an alternative to the French " Mistral", said a source in the defence industry 17 June 2015. According to him, production of new items could begin in 2016.

"Amphibious assault ship project" Surf ", developed Nevsky PKB, will have a displacement of about 14 thousand tons and will be able to carry up to eight helicopters Ka-27 and Ka-52K. The construction is expected to begin in 2016, " - said the head of the Department. According to his statement, on the armament of the ship will stand air defense systems " Armour-M ", "Surf" will be able to carry up to five hundred paratroopers and about 40-60 pieces of different mechanisms. The length of the ship will be 165 meters, width - 25.

Construction is expected to begin in Russia in 2018 for a large universal landing ship and helicopter carrier. Captain First Rank Vladimir Tryapichnikov, the head of ship construction for the Russian Navy, discussed this on the radio station Russian News Service on 18 Janaury 2016. "Of course, currently the ship, a large universal amphibious assault ship, is being designed by various organizations. We already have some achievements, as we have determined its appearance. Its realization will begin in 2018, when we start construction of the amphibious assault ship, he said. As previously reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the first large landing ship (BDK) is expected to be built by 2020. The new generation of BDK ships are expected to have a displacement of about 16,000 tons.

KRET is ready to develop new electronic warfare defense systems for the future Russian helicopter-carrier landing ships. KRET enterprises currently supply electronic warfare systems for all types of Navy ships, from boats to frigates. The equipment developed by KRET can be found on all the large surface ships of the Russian Navy, including the Moskva missile cruiser (Project 1164), Peter the Great heavy nuclear missile cruiser (Project 1144), and the Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft-carrier cruiser (Project 11435). In addition, KRET enterprises have also helped equip the Talwar frigates built for the Indian Navy with electronic warfare systems.

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