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Project 705 Lira
Alfa class
Attack Submarine (Nuclear Powered)

Class Listing

#numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
1K-377 SY 196NOR1965196719721974ex K.71
test ship 1974
reactor accident in sea trial
2K-316 SY 196NOR---------- 19741979---------- 1990-93 in reserve
1995- dismantled
3K-373 SY 196NOR---------- 19761978---------- 1990-93 in reserve
in storage in Zapadnaya Litsa
4K-123 SY 402NOR01/**/1975 12/26/1977 ---------- 1995project 705K lead ship
built at SV12/1978 operational
08/08/1982 reactor accident
1990 new reactor installed
1991 recommissioned as test ship
5K-432 SY 402NOR---------- 19781982---------- project 705K
1990-93 in reserve
1994-95 dismantled
6K-463 SY 196NOR---------- 197819821986 1986- reactor accident and decommissioned
project 671B conversion (new PWR)
1990-93 in reserve
7K-493 SY 402NOR---------- 1981198311/1997 project 705K
project 671B conversion (new PWR)
1990-93 in reserve

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