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National Democratic Alliance (NDA)

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA), as a Largest Political Alliance in the history of the Sudan for organizing and leading the popular struggle against the new dictatorship in Sudan and the fundamentalist regime of the National Islamic Front (NIF). The various parties and groupings forming the NDA formulated a national charter outlining their political vision, approach and resistance program. The NDA has subsequently set up its headquarters outside Sudan in Asmara, the capital city of our fraternal country Eritrea, together with branch offices at Cairo, Nairobi, Washington, and London.

The National Democratic Alliance is composed of the political parties, trade unions, and officers of the Legitimate Command of the Sudanese Armed Forces, the armed factions and independent national personalities which signed the NDA's National Charter of October 1989. The number of the signatories of the NDA charter reached 13 parties, 56 unions and federations, armed factions and other groupings and national personalities.

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