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L-33 / M-50

The L-33 is an Israeli 155 mm Self-Propelled Gun/Howitzer by Soltam and consists of a rebuilt Sherman M4A3E8 chassis fitted with a Cummins diesel engine, all welded fully enclosed armoured superstructure and a Soltam 155 mm M-68 gun/howitzer. The gun has an elevation of +52 degrees, depression of -3 degrees and a total traverse of 60 degrees. A total of 60 rounds of 155 mm separate loading ammunition are carried of which 16 are for ready use. The maximum range is 21000 metres. The L-33 has a crew of eight men and a loaded weight of 41500 kg. It entered service in 1973 and first saw action in the same year during the Yom Kippur War.

The M-50/155 Howizter is another conversion of the M-4 Sherman.

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