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J-19 (Jianjiji-19 Fighter aircraft 19) / F-19

The J-19 was said by some sources to be a heavy multirole fighter based on the J-11B. Some sources characterized the J-19 as a "heavier version" of the J-11B, while others state it is reportedly a SAC stealthy fighter bomber based on their failed X-XJ-submission. Chinese authorities have not formally released informtion on these developments.

In 2013 a Chinese internet source reported that the Chinese J-19 was carrier-based fighter-bomber, derived from the twin-engine JH-7A fighter-bomber. It is said to weighs 28 tons and have a wingspan of 12.9 meters. This type of aircraft, with Chinese-made guided bombs and ground missiles, would have a combat radius of about 900 km. It could carry four YJ-82 anti-ship missiles, each of the missile weight 715 kg , weight 165 kg warhead, the missile has a range of 120 km, with the radar and the target.

The F-19 (J-19) shipborne fighter-bombers are being designed with engines with greater thrust and more advanced electronic equipment than the land-based JH-7A, modified by adding a tail hook and stronger landing equipment. Now that China has developed the engine required to prove that it is implementing the plan.

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