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ASN-205 UAV (Xian NPU)

Xian’s Northwest Polytechnic University (NPU) ASN-205 probably is China ’s first new advanced UAV. Several new UAV’s also apparently appeared in the September 6 th. 2009 practice parade for the 60 th. anniversary parade for October 1, 2009 . China had previously developed the ASN-104 and ASN-105 UAV’s with the present ASN-205 serving primarily as a target drone while the ASN-206 is today’s primary reconnaissance UAV. China is known to be aggressively developing many different kinds of UAV’s following the West’s developments. The technology for the ASN-104 and ASN-105 appear to have been cooperatively shared with Pakistan . Several new UAV’s also apparently appeared in the Chinese 60 th. anniversary practice parade of September 6, 2009 . They were possibly the ASN-205 and ASN-206 types.

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