Overseas Contingency Operation

Global War on Terrorism [ GWOT ]

Jeremy Scahill, the National Security correspondent for The Nation magazine, testified before the House Judiciary Committee, December 9, 2010, "Under the Bush administration, US Special Forces were operating in 60 countries. Under President Obama, they are now in 75 nations. The Obama administration's expansion of Special Forces activities globally stems from a classified order dating back to the Bush administration. Originally signed in early 2004 by then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, it is known as the AQN ExOrd," or Al Qaeda Network Execute Order. The AQN ExOrd was intended to cut through bureaucratic and legal processes, allowing US Special Forces to move into denied areas or countries beyond the official battle zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. As a Special Operations veteran told me, "The ExOrd spells out that we reserve the right to unilaterally act against al Qaeda and its affiliates anywhere in the world that they operate." The current mindset in the White House, he told me, is that "the Pentagon is already empowered to do these things, so let the Joint Special Operations Command off the leash. And that's what this White House has done." He added: "JSOC has been more empowered more under this administration than any other in recent history. No question." "The Obama administration took the [Bush-era] order and went above and beyond," he said. "The world is the battlefield, we've returned to that.""

During the week of 25 March 2009, the government agency that reviews the public statements of administration officials before they're disseminated sent an e-mail to employees of the U.S. Defense Department. The e-mail read: "This administration prefers to avoid using the term 'long war' or 'global war on terror.' Please use 'Overseas Contingency Operation.'"



US Forces

US Order of Battle
Yemen - Tomahawk Yemen 13 Oct 2016
Noble Lance Syria mid-Sep 2016
Odyssey Lightning Libya 01 Aug 2016 19 Dec 2016
Resolute Support / Freedom's Sentinel Afghanistan 01 Jan 2015 31 Dec 2016
INHERENT RESOLVE Iraq / Syria 08 Aug 2014 Ongoing
Echo Casemate CAR / Burundi / Uganda 09 Dec 2013 30 Dec 2013
Juniper Micron Mali / Northwest Africa Jan 2013 Oct 2013
Jukebox Lotus Southern Europe / North Africa Sep 2012 Oct 2012
Octave Fusion Somalia 23 Jan 2012  
Observant Compass Uganda, Central African Republic
the Democratic Republic of Congo,
South Sudan
? Oct 2011 ongoing
Neptune Spear: Kill Bin Laden Abbottabad, Pakistan 1 May 2011  
Copper Dune Yemen 2010? ongoing
Objective Voice North Africa / Sahel Region of Africa 2009 ongoing
Rampant Lion II Afghanistan Mar 2008 ? 2008
Enduring Freedom - Caribbean, Central America (OEF-CCA) Caribbean / Central America 2008 ongoing
Nomad Shadow Turkey-Iraq Border 2007? ongoing?
US Airstrikes on Al Qaeda in Somalia Horn of Africa Jan 2007 ongoing
Rampant Lion I Afghanistan ? 2006 ? 2006
Enduring Freedom - Chad Chad Mar 2004 ? 2005
Aztec Silence North Africa Dec 2003 2005-2007?
African Coastal Security Program Various Apr 2003 2007?
Juniper Shield
Enduring Freedom - Trans Sahara (OEF-TS)
Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership (TSCTP)
Pan Sahel Initiative (PSI)
Sahel Region of Africa ? 2013
? Jun 2005
? Jun 2005
? Nov 2002
? 2013
? Mar 2004
Octave Shield
Enduring Freedom - Horn of Africa (OEF-HOA)
Djibouti / Horn of Africa 200?
Oct 2002
Georgia Deployment Program - International Security Assistance Force
Georgia Sustainment and Stability Operations Program
Georgia Train and Equip Program
Georgia Aug 2009
Mar 2005
29 Apr 2002
May 2004
Enduring Freedom - Philippines (OEF-P)
Freedom Eagle / Balikatan 2002-1
Phillipines Jul-Aug 2002
15 Jan 2002
31 Jul 2002
Assured Voice
Assured Voice - Africa
North Africa
Active Endeavour Mediterranean Sea Oct 2001
Enduring Freedom
Afghanistan (OEF-A)
Afghanistan 25 Sep 2001 01 Jan 2015
Infinite Justice 20 Sep 2001 25 Sep 2001
Border Support 15 Sep 2001
Noble Eagle 15 Sep 2001
Determined Response 12 Oct 2000 ?
Infinite Resolve 1998 2000
Infinite Reach Sudan / Afganistan 20 Aug 1998 20 Aug 1998

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