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Federal Intelligence Service [BND]

Administratively the BND is part of the Federal Chancellor's Office, where it reports to the intelligence coordinator in the Chancellor's Office. Some have suggested placing the BND with the Defense Ministry.

Department 1 (Operational Procurement)

Department 2 (Technical Surveillance)

Department 2A of the BND, quartered in the high security building No 109 in Pullach, is responsible for counternarcotics and countering money-laundering activities. It was also involved in the Operation Hades Plutonium incident.

Department 3 (Interpretation)

Department 3 includes 750 officials for assessing information.

Department 4 (Administration)

Department Four activities include the maintenance of the BND its Central File for Persons (PEZD). The centerpiece of the intelligence service and one of the most closely protected files in Germany, the PEZD contains all findings on persons with contacts with the intelligence services.

Department 5 (Security and Defense)

Department 6 (Central Tasks)

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