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  • Fidel's Fashionista ??? by John Pike, 16 Aug -- "Why is it that even in the hottest days of the Cuban summer, while everybody around him is wearing a cotton, short-sleeved, light shirt with an open collar, Fidel wears an olive green, long-sleeved heavy shirt, and a heavy, long-sleeved bush jacket on top, buttoned up to his collar, and he doesn't seem to feel the heat or be sweating at all. Sometimes he seems to be chunky, like Chernomyrdin or Hillary, wearing ballistic protection, but usually not. ..."
  • Fighting Daesh Fundamentally by Ed Corcoran, 21 Jun -- "Even the term "Daesh" fights Daesh, as a pejorative acronym for the so-called Islamic State, as well as a reminder that the fight is not just on a military level. It is clear that Daesh is a threat that will not go away soon. ..."

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