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  • National Strategic Void by Ed Corcoran, 28 Jan -- "There is global malaise. The European Union is in turmoil. ..."
  • Seth Rogen's digital Pearl Harbor by George Smith, 18 Dec -- "What happens when hackers from North Korea, according to the US government, threaten the American arm of an entertainment giant, Sony, over a mediocre-to-crappy movie, Seth Rogen's The Interview, set to open Xmas Day? Americans fold. ..."
  • Why Afghanistan II ? by Ed Corcoran, 20 Oct -- "This commentary builds on an earlier one that also set Afghanistan in the context of promoting global stability, the need for a credible strategy, and a focus on development to counter radical Islam. Now there continues to be widespread skepticism among the American public on support operations in Afghanistan. ..."
  • Russia's INF Treaty Violation: More Questions than Answers by Elizabeth Zolotukhina, 6 Aug -- "In its recently released 2014 Compliance Report, the U.S. Department of State has formally accused Moscow of violating the 1987 Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.1 Regrettably, the unclassified version of the report does not specify the exact nature of the treaty violation...."
  • Navy Passes the Buck on 'Boomer' Buy by Reset Defense Bulletin, 24 Jul -- "Navy Passes the Buck on 'Boomer' Buy   edited by Charles Knight & Carl Conetta The Reset Defense Bulletin is a bi-weekly service of the Project on Defense Alternatives. Long Range Strike Bomber   CRS reports that the ten-fold increase in funding included in the the FY15 Future Years Defense Budget for the Long Range Strike Bomber (or 'system' of platforms) suggests that much of the development of this bomber has already been completed in classified programs: "Aviation analysts and industry officials confirm CRS's assessment that this funding stream resembles a production program more than a typical development profile. ..."

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