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  • Why Afghanistan Matters: Renewing America and Renewing the World by Ed Corcoran, 26 Mar -- "The world is in an unprecedented strategic situation: no major nation faces a serious threat of invasion or subjugation. The Cold War had posed an existential threat; indeed more than once nuclear war was actually close. ..."
  • CRIMEAN OPPORTUNITY by Ed Corcoran, 22 Mar -- "The Crimea has suddenly become the new focus of American-Russian competition...."
  • The Terrorist Threat to the Sochi Olympics by Brian Michael Jenkins, 31 Jan -- "Concern over security when the world's athletes gather for Olympic competition has persisted for decades, but the terrorist threat to next week's winter games in Sochi, Russia, appears to be more substantial than ever. From the Black September attacks on Israeli athletes in 1972, to the post 9/11 games in Salt Lake City, to the 2012 games in London, security has been a concern at all modern Olympics. ..."
  • Preserving Ukraine's European Choice by Stephen Larrabee, 24 Dec -- "With tens of thousands defiant protestors marching in the streets of Kiev, the crisis in Ukraine continues to evolve with no clear resolution in sight. At stake are Ukraine's future political orientation and the balance of power in Central Europe. ..."
  • Putin's Pardons by Olga Oliker, 23 Dec -- "There's an old Soviet-era joke about Vladimir Lenin, a play on all the stories of the kind, grandfatherly figure schoolchildren in the USSR heard endlessly. It goes like this: Lenin is shaving, when a small child approaches him. ..."

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